Compulsory Sexualization of British Children

Little girls choose to play with Barbies. Little boys choose to play with Transformers. Or at least they did before leftists lectured us about how gender roles are sexist. Then after recess is over, all the little boys and girls go inside the primary school building to learn about drag queens and men who willingly mutilate their genitals.

This week, the British government made a decision that primary school children will be forced to take classes to teach them about same-sex marriages and transgenderism. Regardless of the fact that homosexuals make up less then 4% of the population and less then 1% for transgenders.

Usually pre-teens are taught the very basics regarding sexual education around the age of 10-11. But now children in single digits age range will learn about biology not in a scientific sense, but in a way that forces far-left “values” regardless of whether or not the parents consent. One has to be left wondering why the far-left feels the need to even think of children so young in terms of sexuality, especially when they claim that homosexual or transgender children need “representation.” Most children are not aware of their sexuality and many psychological studies have proven that introducing sexual content to children too young can potentially damage them mentally and emotionally. But the far-left’s crusade for LGBT rights transcends mere battles for same sex unions or marriages and now sees indoctrinating children with concepts such as gender fluidity as the new war zone.

Children naturally develop a curiosity concerning sexuality over time when they are entering early stages of puberty. Prepubescent children however are not emotionally or physically mature enough to handle early sexualization, particularly when it is being forced to favor that which represents a minority of people, not a majority. Even teaching prepubescent children the normality of heterosexuality at such an age should be considered too young. But according to the British government, these are now British values that cannot be countered and must never be questioned. Perhaps even under penalty of the law.

The choice to opt-out of this sickening development in British schools has been barred. Parents can no longer express their displeasure for the compulsory LGBT driven agenda being pushed on their kids. When parents have their ability to disapprove of what their child endures forcibly removed by the British government, is it safe to call Britain a police state?

One can only hope that parents take enough of an interest in their children’s education to think twice about such lectures and if possible, consider home schooling. Especially given that following the national school curriculum is not required. Sadly, this is not an option for many families who require two incomes just to be able to afford basic necessities of raising a family. There was once a time when not knowing the name of your child’s English teacher was considered bad. Imagine what parents will be thinking when their child comes home not sure whether or not they are a boy or a girl. Words do not even exist yet to describe how abusive this mental gymnastics is for children who should only be considering what game they want to play when recess finally arrives after hours of class.

Compulsory Sexualization of British Children

by Bre Faucheux time to read: 2 min