DNA Ancestry Testing was just Exposed

It was recently exposed that some DNA ancestry testing companies which takes a DNA sample in order to determine ethnic and racial heritage, has been tampering with the results. Or to be more specific, tampering with the results of their white customers claiming that they add fake African and Jewish ancestry to their DNA samples to “screw with racists.” In more accurate terms, the popular company gave false results to a specific race of people they have deemed racist for a very high price with the intention of handing back fake DNA results.

It might be a cliché to say it at this point, but if this were done to any other race’s DNA test results, it would be deemed completely offensive. If company in question had claimed they tampered with results of all blacks to say they shared ancestry with whites in order to “screw with black racists,” most reasonable people would see this as a particularly dishonest and misleading thing to do. But to tamper with the results of whites is deemed by many on the left as funny or ironical.

Not only does this open admission of guilt showcase the company’s stupidity, it also showcases their bad business practices, their anti-white sentiments, and the current cultural trend consistently shown by the media and society. A trend which openly proclaims that white is not a thing, or that there is no such thing as a person of exclusively European heritage and genetic makeup. The larger significance of this claim is an attempt to erase the thought or idea that European ancestry is entirely European. Therefore, Europeans are not purely European and cannot be expected to deny distant blood relation with those of the third world. And if they share DNA with third world people, they have no moral standing or right to deny them access across European borders or European institutions.

The concept of “we are all African” or “there is only one true race, the human race” is as insulting to one’s ethnic or racial pride as it is scientifically inaccurate. But once again, we see that this standard is only upheld when enemies of the West cannot seem to put their finger on what whiteness is. Sure, they can spot horrid whiteness when it comes to denying whites entry to university with affirmative action, or denying whites a job due to a diversity quota, or claiming an industry is too white because it does not have enough minorities working there. But when it comes to securing American, Australian, or European borders, suddenly many liberals and neocons cannot put a finger on what whiteness is. Although, they can point a finger at a racist white cop should one need to shoot a black criminal. Because only white cops are racist and want to shoot down innocent blacks, right?

This bold acknowledgment of guilt by the popular DNA ancestry company is only the tip of a much larger iceberg when it comes to openly anti-white companies and anti-white laws currently being enforced in the West. But liberals being blatantly open about their intention to “screw with racists” and exposing their own anti-white sentiments is a trend I honestly hope continues, as it will only greater increase the number of whites who will gravitate toward nationalism.

DNA Ancestry Testing was just Exposed

by Bre Faucheux time to read: 2 min