Why Do Tragedies Get Mixed With Politics?

When it comes to politics things can get very messy. And depending on what gets mixed with politics it can get even messier.

With the recent shootings all over the country in places like Los Angeles’ Pulse Nightclub or Las Vegas. Then you have serious civil unrest like the riots during the inauguration of Donald Trump or in Charlottesville. When these tragedies happen, you’ll see people who use these events to push a political agenda. And then you have people who want to use these tragedies to point how real change could happen.  I would rather that we mourn those affected and after a respectful amount of time, and then talk about the issues so that we can focus on the issue rather than try to focus on the issue, but then have to try to ignore the emotion that comes with dealing with events such as these, unfortunately that is not the kind of environment that we live in.

Tragedies are easy targets for emotional manipulation

Speaking of dealing with emotion, when it comes to these tragedies, as I said you will see people that try to use these events to push a certain political agenda.

For example, when it comes to the shootings at the Pulse Nightclub and in Las Vegas, you saw a large number of people really advocating and pushing for gun control legislation. And it says something about these gun control activists, that one of the first things that they say about tragedies where people are injured and are even killed, is legislation that would only affect legal gun owners, rather than the criminals that commit these horrible crimes.

Then you have riots going on all over the country. like those that happened during the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, Milo visit to UC Berkeley, or during the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville. And when it came to these events rather than focus on the damage caused by groups like Antifa and to a degree the Alt-Right. They would much rather focus on complaining about Trump, or white nationalism (which are valid things to talk about), but when it comes to those topics, there is a time and a place to talk about these topics. Events where people are harmed/killed, there is property destroyed, and groups are truly trying to destroy the system or trying to hurt people based on their political opinions aren’t really the times to complain about Trump’s twitter or milk or Pepe the frog being supposed “Alt-Right” symbols.

When it comes to these examples, the problem is that people are taking  times of mourning and healing. And they are trying to turn them into times of emotionally charged policy making and times of the worst kind of outrage culture. Which I and hopefully many others find to be horrible and reprehensible. And it says something about these people’s character and morals. That being they are seemingly dependent on their political opinions, rather than a general set of morals that can work with a multitude of topics and situations.

They can be a start towards change If done right.

On the other hand, if done correctly, having politics involved in with tragedies can be beneficial. But it has to be done correctly.

When it comes to mixing politics with these tragic events you need to be very careful. People need to look at these tragedies through an honest and objective lens. And that would be rather than just saying we need to do this or that. You could point out the problems that these tragedies like mental health, political violence from the left and right, etc. Thinking about all of the possible solutions to these problems. Then, go through them one by one and see which ones could work and have the largest benefit.

And this can work because it takes the emotion out of the issue. As cold as it sounds, when you take these issues and focus on the underlying reasons for these events. It makes them easier to look at. Though I’m not saying go cold turkey when it comes to recognizing the emotions that these tragedies bring up. But, there is a line between honestly looking at the issues and letting emotions cloud your judgement.

So I guess if you are going to mix politics with tragedies. Just do it a way that will have the most logic behind it and will provide the greatest benefit.

Author: Matthew Hall

Why Do Tragedies Get Mixed With Politics?

by Matthew Hall time to read: 3 min