What Happened to Late Night

You might have noticed a change in the structure and quality of late night programming, mainly the talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, etc. They seem to have taken a turn. From how host like Leno or Ferguson did things during their day. And in my opinion, it is a turn for the worse. And here are a few reasons.

Too much political talk/Getting too PC
Here is the thing, I don’t care if Late Night hosts or shows talk about politics, because I know it is just something that is a topic going to come up, and it can be turned into some great jokes. But it’s like the old saying goes there can be too much of a good thing. Lately, you might have noticed Late Night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel talking about political topics more often than they usually would. And it seems like the personal politics of the hosts are becoming more and more apparent.

And it’s making these shows less fun and usually just boring. For example, watch an episode from any of these shows, and most of what you’ll hear is politics or PC talking points. Along with that, in the case of these shows, when they talk about these political topics, they seem to only give their opinion without any evidence to support their claims or arguments. And I know they are comedians, but here is are my responses to that:
-If you are going to say something, especially if you are making a claim or argument, you should be able to back it up with evidence.
-People like Steven Crowder (another comedian) and Anti-SJW channels can maintain a mixture of logic, reason, and facts; along with making their content entertaining to where a single video can get hundreds of thousands of views and shares.
So, if these alternative content creators, can talk about politics pretty much every video and keep their audience not only entertained but steadily growing. Then I guess the question is; why can’t they accomplish this same feat?

Quality of jokes is dropping

Now, these shows constantly talking about politics would not be as annoying, if it weren’t for something that plagues these shows because, they are so PC, and that thing is joke quality decline.

Here is the thing, since these shows are so politically correct, they are restricted when it comes to the types of jokes they can tell because they don’t offend people. So that means they can only do soft comedy, which doesn’t get too many laughs. And that is because when it comes to comedy, someone’s pride needs to be hurt, and if you’re not willing to hurt someone’s feelings or even your own (if the joke calls for it) you won’t get the laugh.

On the other hand, the lack of variety when it comes to the jokes made hurts the quality of jokes as well. Really watch any of these shows, and especially SNL has a large majority of their jokes are about president Donald J. Trump.

Now, here is my position on jokes made about people famous or other: I don’t care if you make them, all that I ask is that you make them good jokes. Yeah, I guess you could say that we need to Make Jokes Great Again. That is the thing that annoys me. it is the fact that (from what I can see) some professional comedians are making jokes that are either flat on delivery or that not even a fourth grader would tell.

Conversation is getting static

Now, this point doesn’t really have anything to do with politics or PC ridiculousness. Though, is still an important point to bring up (at least I think I think so).

Now maybe this is because I grew up during the days of Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson. And I have to say, I wish we still had them running these shows because they had “The Gift.” Which is that they could just talk and get people laughing. Along with that, the best part of these shows were the interviews/conversations with the guests. And that’s because they didn’t sound scripted and seemed very natural.  I mean, listen to the host talk to the guests on these shows. They are just so stiff and feel so scripted. And it makes you just want to go to YouTube and select which clips you want to watch.

How to fix these problems

Now that I have outlined the problems with Late Night programs like the Late Night talk shows. Now, I would like to outline some ways that we can fix Late Night programs better.

When it comes to the PC stuff and constant political talking points:
-Dump the PC stuff, your jokes will improve and your fans will thank you.

-If you are going to talk about politics either have a point beyond virtue signaling/bring something new to the conversation.

-Be the distraction from the stress of politics and the real world as entertainers have done in the past.

When it comes to the Joke Quality Decline:
-Be willing to offend, just because you hurt someone’s feelings doesn’t make you a horrible person.
-We need more varied acts so that we can escape the constant bad Trump Jokes and soft comedy sketches.

When it comes to Static Conversations: 
-Talk about topics you wouldn’t normally talk about

-Let the guest bring up topics so that you have a wider pool to use during your interview.
-Make more time for the guest interviews and save the games as online clips for the show’s YouTube channel.

Now please let’s Make Late Night Programming Great Again.

Author: Matthew Hall

What Happened to Late Night

by Matthew Hall time to read: 4 min