Build Kate’s Wall

California is no longer a law abiding state. It is a conquered territory that has been taken over by Hispanics that openly despise the country they live in. Why? Because the illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate has been found not guilty of murder charges against a young woman name Kate Steinle. He was deported several times and allowed back into the country, committed up to seven felonies, shot Steinle three times with an illegally possessed gun, lied to authorities, was judged by a half Hispanic jury, then permitted to walk away. ICE claims he will be deported, but if he could get in as many times as he had already, it is doubtful he will respect the law now.

Many are probably unconcerned with the outcome of this case. However, it can be seen as a turning point. There is no question that most Hispanics who come to this country illegally do so for the welfare money and not the prospect of a better life. They want to leech off the middle class who are barely surviving as it is in an economy that consistently strips away income through forced taxation. And there is nothing the average American can do to stop it. Except vote.

We voted for a wall. We voted to send illegals back. We voted for a firm border. Although, there has been demo construction of the wall taking place, it cannot come fast enough. And it is clearly too late for California.

Some are not aware that this type of case is the norm in countries where whites have been turned into a despised minority. Countries such as South Africa, where farmers are routinely murdered in brutal attacks by the black population, and where their leaders claim it is not necessary to kill all the whites… yet. Yes, you read correctly. Yet.

Hispanics who practice in-group preference will automatically rule in favor of their own. The only group in the world who do not practice in group preference is whites. Whites would much rather worship at the altar of individualism than realize that they have a collective interest in maintaining their security. Which cannot be done in states like California where Hispanics do not look at whites such as Steinle and see a human being who was meaninglessly slaughtered. They see an opportunity to win a case for their own and smack away the white hand of authority.

If and when the wall is built, I would love nothing more than to have it named Kate’s Wall. I would love nothing more than to see #KatesWall trending everywhere possible. I would love nothing more than to see whites realize that this will be the result of every case concerning whites who are routinely slaughtered by illegal immigrants who have no respect for our country if we do not secure our border. I would love nothing more than to see whites wake up to the overwhelming disrespect and disdain these invaders have for our people. I would love nothing more than for people to realize that the Mexican government benefits from illegal immigration as it helps to fuel their economy, therefore they are a hostile force against us.

But most of all, I’d love nothing more than to see that big beautiful wall built as fast as possible. We need it now more than ever.

Build Kate’s Wall

by Bre Faucheux time to read: 2 min