7 Political Commentary Channels/Personalities That You Should Check Out

When it comes to politics online, it’s challenging to find people who know what they are talking about, so I thought I could help out with that dilemma. So here are seven Political/Social Commentary Channels and Personalities that I think that you should check out and the appeal of each of their channel.

(Note: this is not a traditional top list (In the sense of one being the best and eight being the worse or vice versa). though all of the people that are on this list are fantastic and you should check them out as soon as possible)


Dave Rubin


When it comes to political discourse, the conversation is everything, and being able to hear and understand others viewpoints is just as important. And if that is what you are looking for Dave Rubin is one of the guys that you should check out.

A former member of the Progressive Young Turks Network, after leaving them and a short time on ORA TV. He took his popular show The Rubin Report, where he discusses politics with some of the biggest names in politics, entertainment, and the internet in general. With guests like Milo Yiannopoulos, Roaming Millennial, Cassie Jaye, etc. Along with that, one of the best parts of his interviews is the fact that since these interview tend to go for about an hour each, not only are they able to cover the topics of the interview in greater detail, but Dave tends to not interrupt his guests too often during his interviews, allowing the viewer to hear the guest’s views and answers without having someone interrupting every 5 to 10 seconds.


Black Pigeon Speaks


When it comes to certain topics in today’s political climate, it can be difficult to talk about certain topics in an appropriate, but political YouTubers like BlackPigeonSpeaks make this task seem easy as can be.

Through his short video documentaries on topics like Feminism, Black Lives Matter, Social Issues, etc. He is able to tackle these issues in a calm manner through research and good arguments. And the best part (at least in my opinion) comes from the breadth of topics that he covers which keeps his channel interesting and gives you something that makes you want to come back and watch the newest videos.

Lauren Southern



Another important aspect of the modern political discourse are the players in this debate, and Lauren Southern is one of the best and one of my personal favorites.

When it comes to Lauren’s content whether it is her commentary on many social and political issues, or if you watch videos from her time with RebelMedia, you feel like she has an understanding of what she is talking about. And even if you don’t agree with her, because of the grasp she seems to have on the subject, you are willing to hear her out due to her ability to keep an audience interested through how she speaks about an issue and carries herself throughout her videos. I can assure you that she will one to watch on the political scene in 2018 and become a superstar.




When it comes to political commentary, it is often hard to stand out in a crowd of individuals holding a plethora of differing and complementary ideas. But Undoomed is one of the few that stand out.

Through his response videos to SJW content from creators like Buzzfeed, Riley J. Dennis, and other various SJW content creators, Undoomed gives his thoughts on the crazy arguments made in these videos through sharp and witty remarks and taking clips from shows like House M.D. and Stargate. And one of the best parts of his channel is Undoomed’s voice which has this unique quality to it that makes you want to listen to what he has to say whether it is one of his response videos, live streams with other creators, or history and science videos. And on top of that, the extremely high quality of his videos, with the impressive intros and effects of the videos and the catchy dubstep like tracks at the end of his videos.




Speaking of interesting content creators, when it comes to interesting commentary on the issues of the day, another creator that comes to my mind is DIRE WOLF.

DIRE WOLF, an anti-SJW content creator that makes response videos to far left-wing creators like Riley J. Dennis, The Young Turks, and many more. Through, his straightforward response videos, he is able to give his arguments in a respectful manner, which makes him a great anti-SJW channel to show people who may not agree with or understand anti-SJW points of view.

Also if you would like to check out my interview with DIRE WOLF, you can find it on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E1rt9khf3w&t=30s




On top of authenticity, knowledge of a topic and the level of research one does can make or break the arguments in your video, article or your dialogue during a debate, and TL;DR is one of the best in this department.

Through his long-form videos, TL;DR using a dry whit and a lot of research debunks SJW talking points and academic papers. One of the best parts of his videos is their length because it allows TL;DR to thoroughly go through each point and gives it a sort of “Podcast-like” feel. All of that makes, TL;DR is a great content creator, especially if they like long form, information-packed videos.


Roaming Millennial


Finally, we get to my final recommendation, Roaming Millennial.

Starting out doing voiceovers for video presentations, and after changing to more of a vlogging style, Roaming Millennial gives her commentary on a multitude of topics ranging from Veganism, Social Justice, and so many more. And her commentary is not only done well, but it straight to the point, leaving very little chance for her content to be misinterpreted, at least unintentionally. Roaming Millennial is a great content creator to show people that want a clear look at issues that we talk about here in this world of political commentary.

That was seven Political Commentary Channels/Personalities That You Should Check Out, and I hope you enjoy the content of the people I have listed here. 

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Author: Matthew Hall

7 Political Commentary Channels/Personalities That You Should Check Out

by Matthew Hall time to read: 4 min