France Will Only Get Worse

It has been suggested by French academic, Christian de Moliner, that a separate state for migrants of the Islamic faith be created inside France. His recommendation seeks to imitate a similar arrangement that existed between the French colonials and Algerians in Algeria from 1890-1940. This state would permit Shariah law, provide hospitals and schools for the followers of Islam, permit them separate standards in court, and allow them to engage in child marriages and polygamy.

In other words, France has fallen. The fact that the very idea of creating a separate state for Muslims inside France is being discussed ultimately means that many of the French no longer have an identity or an ethnic consciousness that they deem worthy of preserving or protecting. France in its current state will never survive Islamic conquest or demographic decline. Eventually this Islamic state inside France will be bursting at the seams given the rate at which Muslims have children. Once France reaches that point, there will be no stopping the infection. It will continue to spread with no regard for the longevity of its host.

This suggestion also proves that many French are well aware of the problem of integration. Muslims do not integrate. It is written in the Quran that a Muslim’s task is to only associate with non-believers if they are attempting to convert them to Islam. Otherwise, they are not permitted to associate with the infidel. So much for giving the migrants time to integrate into another society. One that welcomed them with open arms and catered to their every demand.

It has long been the egalitarian belief in the West that segregation of a specific people in regard to their race, ethnicity, or religious preference is an immoral practice. While I do believe in freedom of association, I also believe that there are certain instances and circumstances where people of vastly different cultural backgrounds should be free to openly choose who they do not wish to associate with and have the freedom to tell them, “no, we do not want you here.” Having the freedom to say yes should also mean having the freedom to say no. When freedom of association starts meaning you must associate, it is no longer freedom but authoritarianism.

France made the choice when they voted in Emmanuel Macron that they do not mind being invaded by Islam. When asked on the streets during the election process about Marine Le Pen, many called her a racist and xenophobe merely for wanting to protect French borders. And yet, the fact that those they permitted to flood their country do not share in this supposed virtue and they do not intend to extend the hand of generosity and kindness back to them has yet to dawn on the French people. Especially now that it has been suggested by Moliner that the Islamic migrants be given a space of their own.

We are often left wondering how great civilizations fall while studying such enormous historical events in school as children. It appears as though we will get to see it happen within our life time. Only not by war, famine, disease or natural disaster. But by a suicidal willingness to have one’s own country completely dispossessed by a people the West conveniently forgot spent most of history seeking to conquer all the territories they possibly could. Or perhaps this history was not forgotten. It was merely hidden. Ask a college student to tell you about the Barbary slave trade or Islamic colonialism and they will probably furrow their brow in confusion. After all, the easiest way to make sure a country is defenseless is to make it appear as though the true threat is not a threat at all. It is only when people feel safe that they let down their guard.

France’s guard is clearly down.

France Will Only Get Worse

by Bre Faucheux time to read: 3 min