Rally in Charlottesville being dubbed by Alt-Right as 'Charlottesville 3.0'

Whites, Torches, and Marching, Oh My!

This week the Alt-Right revisited the town of Charlottesville in a march for white identity and the preservation of southern heritage. Attendees included Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, and the new leader of Identity Europa, Eli Mosley. They peacefully walked to the statue of Robert E. Lee that has repeatedly been under threat of being torn down by anti-white leftists who would love nothing more than to see the white heritage of the south torn to pieces.

The southern region of the US has always carried a certain level of pride that the rest of the country often lacks. Southern manners, southern cuisine, and southern music have always set a standard for excellence and old fashion values. Maybe that is why anti-white leftists hate it so much.

This march, as well as the march on Charlottesville in May and the one the night prior to Unite the Right, was branded a “white supremacist” rally. Not a march. A rally. It takes little to no effort for the dinosaur mainstream media to label whites holding torches as the new KKK or Nazi army marchers. See the connection? When whites hold torches, they apparently do terrible things. Or so the media wants the public to believe.

Does anyone else find this odd? Let’s look at some examples of other marches where whites joined one another to fight back against what they saw as tyranny.

In February 2015, Ukrainian nationalists held a torch-lit march through central Kiev. They also did so again in February 2017 to commemorate their country’s fight against communist Russia back during World War II. The media naturally labelled this event the commemoration of Nazi collaborators, because how dare they stand against communism? It only killed one hundred million people.

The French group Generation Identitaire often participate in marches with their symbolic flag to stand against globalism while shouting “refugees not welcome.” They also hold flash demonstrations to help raise awareness regarding the ongoing migrant crisis. For their efforts, they are branded as Nazis.

The Nordic Resistance of Sweden often hold marches with their symbolic flag in a similar gesture. They recently held a march in Gothenburg, Sweden. The police broke it up and intentionally prevented the marchers from being able to peacefully walk through the city while migrants threw rocks at the police with slingshots. Sound familiar? The Nordic Resistance is also branded as far-right and extremist.

The Polish have participated in marches involving thousands of citizens against the immigration of Muslims into their country. The EU consistently threatens them with sanctions even though Poland has yet to have a terrorist attack because of their strict immigration policy.

The truth is that the marchers in Charlottesville on October 8th, 2017 were participating in a symbolic gesture that European identitarian groups have been successfully engaging in for years. And yet, when whites in southern regions of the US engage in similar activity, they are branded as the new KKK and the public are told that these demonstrations are done solely to intimidate people of color. This accusation alone lays bare the truth behind why these torch-lit marches are slandered. White people taking a stand against the harmful effects of demographic dispossession of their homelands means that the age-old worship of multi-culturalism is falling apart. Whites can never have an intention to stick up for their own interests without it being seen as an attempt to harm others. What other race is held to this standard? To this hypocrisy?

When blacks violently riot against a justified police shooting, it’s called a peaceful demonstration or protest. When Latinos wave around a Mexican flag while living in the US on the welfare state, they’re called hard working people with a strong connection to their identity and heritage. When whites march with torches (a tradition of nationalist groups in Europe), it can be for no other intention than wanting to do harm to others and evoke the memory of the KKK or Nazis. Which is rather the point, right? Label whites with a strong connection to their European heritage as Nazis and eventually the problem will take care of itself. Because everyone hates a Nazi. And we all know what happens when whites work together. They conquer. They invent. They make better societies. That’s why raising white identity is a threat to the globalists. And that’s why the media will never allow these nationalist marches to be seen as anything other than an attempt to do harm.

But why stop there? Let’s take away the torch lighting during the Olympics. It used to stand for unity and a desire to be victorious. But now that whites are doing it, we can’t have that.

Whites, Torches, and Marching, Oh My!

by Bre Faucheux time to read: 3 min