Air Force One flying past the broken windows from where the shooter was positioned.

Las Vegas: A Tragedy obscured by Politics and the Left’s Response

A week ago, in Las Vegas a gunman by the name of Stephen Paddock (64), using 23 different guns, opened fire upon a crowd of people from a perch on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino killing 59 people and injuring 520 others making this the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

This is obviously a tragedy of unprecedented proportions, and the unity, bravery, and kindness in the aftermath has been something to admire. Whether it is people waiting hours in blood lines, or others putting their lives on the line to save strangers, we saw the best of humanity and American identity, at the worst of times. And we would like to thank the brave people and first responders that took the time

However, people who could not wait to make this an advantage for their political ideology, wasted no time in politicizing the dead, and the events that have transpired. The left immediately made this an argument about gun control and the NRA’s abundant influence in politics. Late Night comics have had no problem sharing this response, and calling Trump and Republicans heartless, cowardly, and saying if they don’t act in the way Democrats want, they obviously do not care about the dead.

The response from the left has been both robotic, and predictable. Celebrities and politicians alike ignoring the facts of the situation have made this an issue about gun laws, many saying “no one should have a machine gun,” or something similar. First off, automatic weapons have been outlawed in this country since the mid-1980s. The purchase of these weapons made before that decade is highly illegal, and buying them on the black market will run you several thousands of dollars.

This coward, retrofitted legal, semi-automatic weapons to make them into automatic weapons, and mowed down dozens of people. As well, the argument that the left has started on silencers is both erroneous and misleading. Silencers do not act like they do in movies, and do not make a gun completely silent, using the deaths of those Americans to sell opposition to a bill in Congress is exactly what so many people hate.

There is most certainly a conversation to be had in America. We have far too many mass murders, and the fact that we have to have these discussions is beyond problematic. But if we are going to have these conversations, we have to, first of all, be factual. Giving misleading facts or just straight up lies only works to divide and hurt America. Next, we have to give people time to heal and grieve. Hundreds of people lost family, and friends, and are still praying the injured pull through. Don’t take advantage of this evil to push an agenda in the immediate hours after we see the cruellest of what humanity is capable of.



Author: Joshua Weintraub

Las Vegas: A Tragedy obscured by Politics and the Left’s Response

by Joshua Weintraub time to read: 2 min