William Shatner Crushes SJWS on Twitter

For the past 24 hours, William Shatner has been shredding SJWs to pieces on Twitter. It was one tweet sent to Shatner that triggered thousands of pretentious snowflakes to go into in meltdown, this being “Sad to see that claims he’s “not political” in his bio — yet throws around terms like “SJW” & blocks people who object.” Shatner replied with his classy and cool style “All of that is true. I also use words like snowflake and misandry. What’s your point sunshine?” Of course, this prompted Shatner to receive an avalanche of snowflakes (pun intended) towards his Twitter feed who were then obliterated in true Captain Kirk style.


William Shatner attacks SJWs on Twitter.Twitter

William Shatner’s tweet hinting at criticism of SJWs and Snowflakes.

Salon.com were quick to respond to this story and wrote a piece gratefully titled ‘Does William Shatner’s attack on SJWs erase his Star Trek Legacy?’ It didn’t shock me that a leftist pro-SJW website that platformed a Pedophile in an article that has now been removed attacked Shatner for this. Other sites were quick to jump on this bandwagon and gave a fairer review of this incident.

As good as this may have been for a red-pilled celebrity to come out like this, it’s not enough and unfortunately, Shatner doesn’t fit the ideal profile to project the Conservatism is the new Counter Culture narrative. We need someone associated with a rebellious pop culture movement and wants to hold an anti-establishment image. People who fit this profile have already lashed through Twitter and received a backlash from their intolerant leftist peers. Former husband to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love who very much fits the rebellious image tweeted pro-Palestinian and so called ‘Feminist’ Linda Sarsour saying she is a “Vile disgrace to women and all of humanity.” Johnny Rotten of Punk Rock group the Sex Pistols came out in support of Trump and Brexit on ‘Good Morning Britain’. I could write an entire just on right wing celebrities.

Courtney Love’s tweet to pro-Palestinian Sharia Law advocate and Feminist Linda Sarsour.

I can guarantee that we will see many more celebrities rise up and be influenced by their rebellious peers. It in fact, almost be described as a domino effect. I personally don’t see conservatism fitting the punk/grunge anti status quo image but I do see a brand of conservatism fitting a grudge style sub-culture. This brand is Libertarianism, the ability to say do or be anything you want will become cool again. This constant Orwellian language policing will die and the counter culture is coming for the left.


Author: James Avalon

James Avalon is Editor in Chief and Founder of the Upstream News Network.

William Shatner Crushes SJWS on Twitter

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