Why the LGBT Movement is Harmful and Dangerous to Children

Boy crying at LGBT pride

How the LGBT community/movement is harmful to children

The modern day LBGT Community is a harmful and dangerous threat to children. This is for a variety of reason such as the absolute normalization of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality. Then after this came the push for gay marriage, the desecration of business rights, and the push for a multi-gendered society.

However sadly, it’s now entering a new stage. One full of pedophilia and harm to children. Pride parades have been around since the beginning of the homosexual acceptance stages of the movement. Parading around the streets wearing leather BDSM clothing, carrying sex toys, and even having sex at some of them. However, the police couldn’t do anything, out of fear of being hated/bullied by the progressive left. As they’ve been seen to do before.

But now this new stage of pride is bringing a limelight to the whole situation. Bringing underage children to these parades. Having them watch and see grown-up people having sex with each other. Committing sodomy on one another, and dressing up as animals while doing so. Their reasoning? To make all gay children feel accepted aswell.

Do you know what happens when a child is traumatised by seeing such things as a child? Multiple issues. Such as developing a mental condition, or even having some sexual complications, which may even lead to sexual deviancy. But that’s not even the worst.

Children aren’t allowed to buy cigarettes, pump gas, drive cars, have a job, own a house, drink alcohol, be out late, be out alone, etc. However the LGBT movement thinks that these same kids, are able to make the decision on what gender they want to be. They think it’s a good idea, to let a developing child put foreign hormones in the body, mutilate themselves, and then dress differently. Even though a lot of those kids regret their decisions.

However, even if this doesn’t show you how backwards they are, think about the children that are at these parades. Little boys skipping around in booty shorts, low-cut shirts, high boots, and make-up on. A pedophiles paradise. Hence why the LGBT movement is pushing for another acceptance group.


Pedosexuality it’s being dubbed. Which is the act of being attracted to children. The fact that now pedophilia is trying to be normalized by the progressive left and the backwards “acceptance” movement.

This has been coming for a while however, with pedophiles joining the group and sexually abusing boys at these parades, they don’t know it’s happening. Pedophiles exploit young children by showing them their penises, kissing them, hugging them, touching them, etc.

It’s time for a reform in this deviant group.

If you’re a homosexual and you want to find a group that accepts you and promotes your values, please don’t join the LGBT movement. They’re sick people going down a slippery slope.

Author: Robert Bing

I am a fairly new writer, that dabbles in politics and religion. I consider myself a fairly good contributor to the political community, and have grown fairly fast since the beginning of the year.

Why the LGBT Movement is Harmful and Dangerous to Children

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