Gay Pride is celebrated in June
An Identity Based Holiday is Gay Pride Month which is celebrated in June.

Identity Based Holidays Are Ridiculous

One of the strangest concepts that I’ve noticed in my short time being a contestant in this “Culture War” is the idea of Identity-Based Holidays (especially in the United States). Holidays like Black History Month, Hispanic History Month, Women’s History Month, etc. While these holidays can seem to be benign, and they usually are. These holidays are also really ridiculous and honestly fail at their stated purpose, and in some cases not even try. And with Pride Month being so recent, I thought that I could out line some of the reasons why Identity Based Holidays are ridiculous and failures at their stated purpose.


They create a culture of Narcissism, Not Pride

When it comes to these Holidays, they claim to be about learning about the groups and their culture. But that is rarely the case; Take Gay Pride Month, instead of educating people about the LGBT Community, or just being a moderate festival that would commemorate something like gay marriage becoming legal, mourning the loss of their members killed in terror attacks, or something like that. Instead, we get an explosion of narcism and pandering. These events tend to be made up of thousands of people engaging in revelry because they are gay, bisexual, or transgender. And while being any of these is fine, and most people probably could care less about that. Although, this kind of celebration helps no one and can hurt, because of one simple fact; that sort of gaiety breeds narcissism. And the reason why is because instead of revelling in some accomplishment that you earned through hard work, you are instead celebrating a characteristic that technically adds nothing to society. Just because you’re gay and not ashamed of it doesn’t mean that you should orchestrate a grand jubilee because you are a man who wants to have sex with a man or a woman who wants to have sex with a woman.


They only allow certain groups to celebrate

The odd irony in these identity-based holidays is that there are holidays for everyone except:

– White people

– Straight people

– Individuals with Traditional Values

When it comes to these groups since they aren’t “oppressed,” they should not be able to celebrate their identity. And while I agree that technically being straight, white, or having traditional values isn’t something that deserves a party either. It’s the fact that they are not allowed to white, straight, or have traditional values without being shamed, while these “oppressed” minority groups can celebrate the fact that they are black or want to have sex with someone of the same sex/gender.


They don’t educate people on these groups

As I stated in the previous section, these holidays are really about celebrating the identity, rather than something that is worth celebrating. The part of these holidays that is truly baffling is that they claim to exist to educate people about the group and that group’s culture, but all they do is virtue signal to these groups and reaffirm their victim complexes through telling them that they are special because of an immutable characteristic like your sexuality or race.

In short, these Identity Based Holidays are ridiculous because instead of celebrating the accomplishments and culture of particular groups, they have turned into nothing but virtue signalling pity parties that breed a culture of narcissism that adds nothing to that group’s culture or accomplishments. And this must end if we want to grow as a society and put this kind of behavior behind us.

Author: Matthew Hall

Identity Based Holidays Are Ridiculous

by Matthew Hall time to read: 2 min