The Most Hated Job is a Banker, Journalists are Next

With the rise in public awareness of fake news and media bias perpetrated by the mainstream media, news corporations haven’t necessarily become the most popular organisations. In fact, according to a recent Harvard study, 65 percent of voters believe the media is “full of fake news”. The study also found that even the majority of Democrat voters admit the media can’t be trusted. A public distrust in the news networks can only lead to a distrust in journalists.

All of this doesn’t come as a surprise to me because people are waking up to fact that almost all media sources have some form of political agenda and want their viewers to share this agenda too. Many have argued that the invasion of Iraq in the 2000s was supported by the American public because of the mainstream media. I would say this is very much the case considering the monopoly on information that mainstream cable news networks had at the time. In the age of the internet and alternative media sources such as Breitbart and Infowars, I don’t believe this would be the case anymore. All across America and Western Europe, the media is gaining a worse reputation day by day.


Fox News reporting on the Iraq war in the 2000s

My point in the title of the article is that the mainstream media news networks will start to gain the same hedonistic reputation held by banks. The journalists, therefore, will gain the same reputation as the bankers. People are waking up to how corrupt the journalists are and how they conned millions of people during the 2000s when alternative media wasn’t as accessible.

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During 2016 the world witnessed a revolution. This revolution came in the form of the Uk’s decision to leave the EU and the election of Donald Trump. Despite the all seeing establishment giving everything they had and utilising every bit of power they had, the little man won. One of the tools the establishment elites utilised was the media. The establishment still holds the belief that the media can influence the public like it did during the invasion of Iraq.

I fear too that the golden age of alternative media which we are living in currently is going to come to an end. Once the establishment catches up with the times and realises that alternative media will be in equal in power to the mainstream media then the establishment will start funding and bribing the alternative media. Of course, the point I’ve just made is just an educated prophecy but is realistic. Almost every industry contains some form of hedonism or vice. If you believe people such as Alex Jones really believe what they are preaching they’ll be one of the organisations that won’t give in to bribery by the establishment. Although Infowars still isn’t safe from the establishment, the top-level figures could easily take out Infowars but because of the following they have this would cause too much of an outrage.

Youtube: The Alex Jones Show

Democrats threatened to shut down Infowars during the 2016 US Election.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for this situation though, the establishment no matter how powerful can bribe and perverse both the mainstream and alternative media as much as it wants but until the day comes where the world is almost identical to the one portrayed by George Orwell in 1984 thoughts and ideology will never be destroyed. A resistance against the mainstream media is rapidly building and the left’s time in the dominant position in politics and culture is fading.

It’s no secret that bankers are very unpopular amongst the public. Whether you’re on the left or right it seems that bankers are still loathed The reason this is the case is because bankers have stolen millions or perhaps billion of dollars from the taxpayer. The only people who don’t hate bankers are the establishment or the bankers themselves. It’s hard not to sound like a closet radical leftist such as Bernie Sanders in the US or Jeremy Corbyn in the UK but the law regarding bankers and the crimes committed during the 08 financial crisis is wrong, very wrong. In the financial districts in London known as the square mile, I could rob a store, get arrested and then be prosecuted. All of this could happen while a banker could steal billions of dollars just a few hundred yards away and not even face a day in court. As I mentioned before soon the time of public realisation of how corrupt journalists are just as the time came with bankers will result in revolt and hatred of journalists.



Author: James Avalon

James Avalon is Editor in Chief and Founder of the Upstream News Network.

The Most Hated Job is a Banker, Journalists are Next

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